“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.
Walt Disney

Flawless Entertainment DJs is Southern California’s premier entertainment specialist.
We are known for the ability to blend diverse musical styles and genres while keeping
the dance floor energized. Our DJs use turntables and mix songs seamlessly, using the
best music that you would expect to hear at the hottest nightclubs. We keep the party
going and we will have your crowd dancing all night!

Our name was founded on the premise that in life we only get one chance to get it right.
We as a company realize this and that’s the reason we strive for perfection.

Meet DJ Ace:
DJ Ace, is the co-founder and Principal DJ, he has followed a path towards music and
DJing, since he was 13 years old.

He started his DJ career by DJing all his junior high and high school dances including
his own prom. He was a tour DJ by the age of 17 and has toured with various Hip Hop
and Rock bands. Besides tours, he has also DJ’d at many clubs, corporate, and private
events. After many years of paying dues he has emerged to become one of the
strongest full package DJs in Southern California.

The main reason he started this company, and continue to host and DJ events, is
because of the emotional feeling that he gets when he looks out onto the dance floor
and people are having the time of their lives. As he begins to mix in the next track, he
could hear the crowd scream and roar with even MORE energy and intensity than when
he played the previous track. As if that wasn’t enough energy, he then grabs the
microphone and says a few words that send the place into a wild frenzy! There is no
better feeling than this for him. He was the catalyst to a life experience they will soon not
forget. This emotional gratification is what makes this company so special. He never
chose to DJ for the “cool” factor, money, or status.

He just wanted to make events ROCK!

Experience: 20+ years

3 Favorite DJ Moments:
1. Touring with Def Jam on a college radio tour with Method Man, Redman, Warren G.,
& K9
2. Performing at the MTV Rock & Jock games
3. Having a residency DJing for Club Rio in Las Vegas, Nevadaa
"Just got married and we had DJ Ace taking care of us and our guests. i've been trying to find pictures of myself/ ourselves with the DJ, but, he kept making us party rock way too hard that we couldn't get off the dancefloor! man, i partied like it was 1999. literally, like i was 22 again. i may have even torn something, like my shirt. ;)

2 things i learned about myself after partying my tukus off... 1) i still got it. 2) i'm too old for this $hit. BAM!

we had interviewed a couple other potential DJs prior to DJ Ace. we have to say that we appreciated DJ Ace for his quick response to our email as well as coming to meet with us dressed like he wanted our business. collard shirt, slacks and good shoes. little things like that are important when you are looking for a vendor to pay a good chunk of change to. DJ Ace delivered on that account.

DJ Ace did a great job being our MC as well. he did our openining ceremony music and periodic announcements too. and don't even get me started on the music selection. i had emailed some must plays to DJ Ace in advance. he got a great feel for our type of music and he kept the dancefloor packed. usually, it takes the bride and groom to start dancing before everyone else does. in our case, we did initiate the procession to the dancefloor, but, as soon as the first track started playing, EVERYONE else got up off their seats. no joke.

we threw a hell of a party for our guests. DJ Ace was a major factor in making everything run so effortlessly, including calming ME down right before we said our nuptials. thanks for all you did DJ Ace!"

Rey L.
El Segundo, CA
Member of:
Email:                                               ​​phone:
djace@flawlessdjs.com                   310-650-5580
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